Mercedes Automatic Transmission Servicing

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Mercedes Benz Gearbox Servicing

Mercedes Benz passenger cars with automatic transmissions (5 or 7 speed) require servicing approximately every 4 years or every 37,500 – 40,000miles.
A gear box service consists of draining the transmission oil, lowering the sump pan down and cleaning up the magnet and inside of the pan for any build up.  We then replace the oil filter and the gasket around the sump pan before putting it back on and replenishing with fresh oil.
On a 5 speed transmission (722.6) we then replace the pilot bushing as these commonly leak around the seal.  The oil level is then checked with a workshop dipstick.
On a 7 speed transmission (722.9) the correct transmission oil level is determined using the Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic computer.
If you recently purchased a second hand Mercedes Benz and are unsure of the service history for the vehicle, we highly recommend getting your transmission serviced.


Air Conditioning Systems

It is a common myth that air conditioning system should only be used through the summer months.  Did you know that cool dry air will clear your windscreen far quicker than warm air?  You should use your air conditioning regularly through the winter months to ensure that when you need it most on a summer’s day, the system functions correctly!

Around 10% of the refrigerant is lost from your air conditioning system each year.  This loss of charge will cause the system to work harder, using more fuel to attain the same level of performance.  As well as this loss, over time condensation builds up on the evaporator and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to a musky unpleasant odour

Although not on the standard Mercedes Service schedule, just like any other vital component on your Mercedes Benz; your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance (typically every 2 years) to keep it running as it should.