At Mertec (Kent) Ltd, a team of fully trained Mercedes Benz technicians supports our fully equipped service department complete with the latest Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic equipment. We are able to therefore provide a genuine servicing alternative to Mercedes Benz main dealers.

The servicing of your Mercedes Benz is important to maintaining long term reliability. To find out about the service options for your Mercedes Benz, please see our Servicing for Mercedes Benz page.

We can service your car whilst still maintaining the dealer warranty!

Due to changes in EU Legislation, Independent repairers are able to carry out normal maintenance and repair services during the vehicle’s warranty period without invalidating that warranty, provided two conditions are met:
The service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedule (and this is recorded)
and any parts that are used in the maintenance or repair are of “appropriate quality” (and this is recorded)

At Mertec (Kent) Ltd we use Mercedes Benz or OEM parts and are able to complete either your paper service booklet or the newer Digital Service Book (whichever is applicable).

To find out more about the EU Block Exemption, please see our FAQ’s Page.

Mercedes Service Kent

Mercedes Digital Service Book

In 2007 Mercedes started improving their online systems to offer DSB – Digital Service Book.

As qualified Mercedes Technicians at Mertec (Kent) Ltd, we have access to the Mercedes online systems, so we can update your Mercedes Service Book to protect your Mercedes Warranty.

We are able to service Mercedes vehicles still within their Warranty period i.e. 3 years and younger*

The main advantage of this DSB – Digital Service Book is: the proof of service, including complete data on the performed maintenance and service work carried out, the data is secure and protected in the central Mercedes-Benz database for the duration of the vehicle’s service life.   Customers only have to keep the last digital service report in the service booklet and if it gets lost, the information can be re-printed. If necessary, a complete vehicle service history can be generated.

*Unfortunately, servicing your vehicle at any garage other than at a Mercedes dealer means you will no longer be covered by MobiloLife.