Will my Mercedes Warranty be invalid if I don’t use a main dealer?

Main dealers often claim that your warranty will be invalidated if you choose to have your vehicle serviced by an independent garage rather than with them.  European Law calls this “restrictive practice” and it has not been the case since 1st October 2005.

According to the European Union’s Car Block Exemption rules; service work can be carried out by independent garages provided they use manufacturer approved parts and correctly follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.  That is exactly what you get at Mertec.

At Mertec, we have invested in the same Mercedes testing equipment used at the main dealers. To cover your warranty requirements we are able to stamp your service book or complete your DSB (Digital Service Book), depending on which is applicable for your vehicle.

For further information on the EU’s Car Block Exemption rules, you can find the appropriate legislation here.

Is your Mercedes Garage VAT registered?

Yes. We are VAT registered.

Can you MOT my vehicle?

Yes. We offer a total service for our Mercedes clients. We can MOT your vehicle, contact you if there are any faults, make repairs and re-test your Mercedes.

We are also able to MOT all makes of vehicles, covering Class 4 and Class 7.  For up to date prices, please visit our MOT page.

Do you offer a collect and return service for my Mercedes?

Yes. This service is dependent on: where you live, what time we are able to collect and drop off the vehicle and the availability of staff.

We offer a free collection within a set radius and a small charge outside of that.  Please call for further details.

We may have to keep the vehicle for a number of days, so you will need to arrange your own transportation during that period.

Do you use genuine Mercedes parts?

We use Mercedes and OEM parts in our services. Whilst we can source pattern parts, it is often false economy as they do not last as long as genuine Mercedes or OEM parts.  Also, your warranty can be affected if you do not use Mercedes parts.

Will an independent garage service my Mercedes as well as a main dealer?

Some independent garages are skilled mechanics, however, they often do not have the Mercedes testing equipment or the training to carry out servicing and repairs on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our team at Mertec (Kent) Ltd we have a combined experience of over 55 years working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

We have also invested in the same Mercedes Star Diagnostic testing equipment used at the main dealers.

Will my Mercedes Service Book or DSB (Digital Service Book) still be stamped for the service to cover my Mercedes Warranty?

Yes.  We have our own Service Book stamp as well as having access to Mercedes DSB (Digital Service Book).

Provided the service book is in the vehicle we will stamp it on the day of the service.  All our services are recorded on our invoice system, so if you forget to leave the book with us we can ensure it is stamped at a later date to confirm the work that was done.

If your vehicle has a DSB we will update it on the day and give you the updated stamped copy.  The information on the DSB is saved directly onto the Mercedes Main Server.